November 6, 2011

tribe best brilliant white

drink water


the high altitude brings us closer to the sun

us we we tribal people of the sun

hesitate when it matters

speak in chimes to riddle the parent tongue

taking this high english

a great deal to heart

to din on the plastic bin

when he tried to drink

there was a hunger movement




December 25, 2010



the latest savages

took refuge at sea

tired tinsil


trailed sawdust

this reasonable life raft

trembled as grown men

under sky


green is yellow

thunder brighter

this long brown pencil

as sure as savages

as sure as recipies

as sudden as hobnail boots

on WW2

and this ashes test

and gay abandon


garland pose

September 3, 2010

wrapping a care

a forest of thickly sliced

bread, awaits

in coles

let’s go there

see the girl on the checkout

from Russia

the fierce one

let’s lay bread out

on the conveyor

before Josie notices

I haven’t done this before

as she takes a slice

and returns it to the bag

holy roses


comrade after Russell Hoban

June 2, 2010

it’s the start of may and the flannelette sheets are on the bed, powder blue for comfort.  i’m taken by a sense of camaraderie with the lonely, we always had it, believing greatly that our stories were our free hands, played for now and in the spirit of ‘our holy miracles’ and not that it mattered, counting matchsticks for currency, beer and cigarettes, laminex bent out of shape in the rain,

we comrade, were a simple tune o.k.

not that it would bend your pretty nails out of shape but that time on the merry go round was not o.k.  it was a shadowy afternoon, on the brink of winter and the city was closing down to ordinary business.  why did i want to be a freak and ride beside my cousin on the elephant?  why did i want to visualise my pony on the pony?  riding free to the fucking hilltop. well i was riding round and the curious ticket man was more marvellous as he stood beside the machine, piped music all out and over the empty circus.  i wouldn’t have liked to ask for more than my share.  how that changed.

return to the plum in red all summer and about to lose the leaves and what now? what answer do you give a child when the ride is over, when puzzled and creased like the new red polish she arrives full of empty street and strange man and cavernous elephant? a pretty afternoon comrade. this took shape in all my dreams.

today it feels like that, like you cousin. i’m using you for drama. we were used cousin, cus. used. brave little soldiers taking note, when the evening wore on and the bedroom was safe enough to pick our fingers through abandoned cosmetics. and to jump headlong into each other and you know.


a modern convenience

January 29, 2010

she eats dessert with the main

hurls the tray to the keep

she has a light

(on the roof racks)

single line

she had a lighter

sparks of fury

fury is keeping tongue

is unheard

is tremulous



had a winner

quite a punter

and the city, the town

ferries and such

in keeping with a modern convenience

a mode

where’s my cigarette


where on the planet

September 19, 2009

this sunday i sell posies

grim herbs

taking down the corners of a smile

worn too often

battered flowers

rusted laughter

god it’s heard


in the market place

in the stalls


firm friends

August 23, 2009

the valuable sleep

wake dreaming tide

all is taken on

light shells of phrases are bent

taken to heart at home

drifts of images

i have a friend who lists a beginning

on the paper bag of paper